Located in the Uco valley, in the San Carlos department in Mendoza province. Of a total area of 82 hectares, 48 are used for vines with the remainder given over to horticulture. Pergolas were installed in 1954 (for the most part). The different grape varieties are (whites): Chenin Blanc (8 ha), Tocai Friulano (5 ha), Pedro Ximenez (5 ha) and Riesling (1.4 ha); (reds): Malbec (2 ha), Cabernet Sauvignon (5.6 ha), Bonarda (5 ha), Tempranillo (4.5 ha) and Barbera d’Asti (3.2 ha). Other varieties have also been planted for vinification (on 8.3 ha). The soil is sandy loam with fine sand being predominant. The soil is very deep and its physical and mechanical characteristics make it highly permeable and also encourage drainage. Irrigation occurs 13-15 times per year via channels. The water is of a very high quality and comes from underground water tables at a depth of 20-25 metres. The climate is temperate. The vines are frost free for 192 days. Temperatures fall to 11.1 °C in June and rise to 36.7 °C in January. The temperature variation is 14.6 °C. Precipitation occurs mainly in spring and in summer, with a yearly average of 278 mm. The vines are at an altitude of approximately 975m. The grapes are harvested between 5 March and 25 April.


Located 17 kilometres from the winery, in the department of San Rafael, the total area covers 11 hectares, 4 hectares of which are Merlot, planted in 1998, trained in espalier and protected by an anti-hail net; 1.1 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc, planted in 2010; and 1.7 hectares of Cabernet Franc, planted in 2013. The soil is sandy loam, of average depth. The climate conditions are ideal for growing vines. Irrigation occurs 12 to 14 times a year via channels. The water comes from the Río Diamante river. The climate is temperate, with a semi-arid tendency. Hot summers, temperature variation, annual sunshine, moderate winds and low humidity levels are all factors which make the conditions ideal for viticulture. The average annual temperature is 14.8 °C and average annual precipitation is approximately 300 mm. The land is at an altitude of 730 m.